Asthijivak in Pakistan

Asthijivak In Pakistan Is One Such Miracle Of Ayurveda, Which Not Only Relieves The Knee Pain, But Also Heals The Musculature To Support It. By Blessings Of Ayurveda, Asthijivak Is Effective, Easy, And Needless To Say, Safe!
The Ancient Sanskrit Text Stating How To Prolong Life And Promote Health By Eliminating The Cause Of Disease Than Mere Treating It, Is What Forms The Basis Of Ayurveda. Ayurveda Uses The Divine Knowledge Of Sages Gathered By Relentless Exploration Of Nature And Human Body. The Result Is A Medicinal System Which Is Safe And Sure. Ayurveda Uses Only Botanical Extracts And Organic Derivatives To Keep The Essentials Of Body In Balance. Besides Suggesting What And How To Take In Case Of An Ailment, It Also Advises On A Lifestyle To Prevent An Ailment And Sustain A Cure. It Is A Complete Philosophy For Wellbeing For Mind, Body And Soul.

Benefits Of Asthijivak :

Increases Blood Circulation To Revitalize Structure.
Reduces Inflammation And Pain
Strengthens Supporting Musculature
Calcifies Bone Damage
Increases Lubrication In The Joint
Reduces Rate Of Cartilage Damage

How It Is Made:

Asthijivak Price in Pakistan Is A Potent Mixture Of Many Rare Herbs, An Herbal Paste Which Has The Power To Heal Damaged Nerves And Muscular Structures And An Oil, Which Can Do Wonders To Blood Flow In The Weakened Arteries. Preparation Of Asthijivak Follows Specific Ayurvedic Protocols Along With Some Proprietary Methods To Extract The Desired Results From Chosen Herbs. Many Herbs Are Used In Their ‘Ark’ Form, While Some In Their Raw Form Based On Their Properties.

Arand (Root)

Directions For Use :

Asthijivak Lep in Pakistan: Take A 8 Gm (2 Spoons) Of Asthijivak Lep And Mix It With Some Lukewarm Water To Achieve A Paste Like Consistency. Apply It On The Knees To Cover The Area Fully Before Going To Sleep.loosely Tie The Flannel Cloth* Provided On The Knees And Leave It Like This For Entire Night. In The Morning, Wash It Off With Lukewarm Water And Massage Gently With Asthijivak Oil.
Cloth Can Be Used Repeatedly After Washing.

Asthijivak Oil in Pakistan: Take 2 To 3 Ml Of Oil On Your Palm And Apply Over Knees After Overnight Application Of Lep Is Washed Off. Massage Gently Until The Oil Disappears In The Skin. Do Not Apply Excess Pressure While Massaging.

Indian Asthijivak Price in Pakistan : 3400/PKR

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