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Tonific Body Massagerr In Pakistan Our Rapidly Growing Organization Is Offering A Wide Gamut Of Dolphin V Infra Red Massager To Our Clients From Every Nook & Corner Of The Country.dolphin massager in pakistan.dolphin massager in karachi.dolphin massager in islamabad.dolphin massager in okara.dolphin massager in lahore. These Massager Are Designed By Reliable Vendors Of The Market Using Advanced Technology And Latest Machines With Superior Grade Raw Material To Provide Maximize Satisfaction By Catering The Exact Requirements Of Clients And Act Towards Giving A Better Performance Of These Massager. Apart From This, Provided Massager Stimulate Pressure Point And Relax Stiff Muscles. A Beautifully Designed Massager In The Shape Of The Fish. It Is A Hand Held Massager In Lightweight And Small In Size To Be Convenient For Massage In Any Part Of The Body. It Produces A Strong Vibration Effect Which Penetrates Deep Inside The Muscles And Activates Its Cells.
The Massager Has Three Replaceable Adapters. Each Adapter Has Its Own Uses And Functions As Follows

Semi-Circle Adapter : :

It Has Been Designed To Massage Muscles And Other Soft Parts Of The Body.
Semi-Circle With 5 Beads In Finger Size:
It Is Designed To Massage Back-Pain, Joints-Pain, Neck Strain, Etc.
Semi-Circle With 26 Small Beads:
It Has Been Designed To Massage Head. (In Case Of Acute Headache Only).


Stimulates Nerve Ends By Reflexology Therapy
Promotes Blood Circulation And Body Metabolism
Applicable For Physiotherapy Of All The Parts Of The Body
Relaxes Muscles From Tiredness And The Pain Of Nerve
With Speed Adjusting Function
Two Massage Adjustments
Streamlined Design Light And Nice
Dolphin Style Can Massage Every Part Of Our Body
Reduces Pains Caused By Fatigue Or Rheumatism
Eliminates Spasm In The Shoulder And Lower Back
Relaxes The Muscles And Eliminates Pain Caused By Rigorous Sporting Activity.

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